Tutti Frutti - Little Richard - Piano/Vocal/Chords

Tutti Frutti Tutti FruttiParoles de Dorothy Labostrie, Joe Lubinet Richard Penninman© 1955 Sony/ATV Songs LLC.Avec l’aimable autorisation de Sony/ATV Music Publishing (France). Droits Protégés. Wopµbopaloobopalopbombom!Tutti-frutF7ti,-ohrootie-Tutti-q = 186 (qaa z=[qp ]e)frutF7ti,-ohrootie-Tutti-frutB¨7ti,-ohrootie-Tutti-frut5F7ti,-ohrootie-Tutti-frutC7ti,-ohrooB¨7tie-Ho94444443QuickpartitionsQuickpartitions.com
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Pochette - Tutti Frutti - Little Richard

Piano Sheet Music Tutti Frutti, Little Richard

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Lyricist(s) Dorothy Labostrie, Joe Lubin
Composer(s) Richard Penninman
Piano / Vocal / Chords
Pages 6

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