Jealous Guy - John Lennon (Piano Sheet Music)

Jealous Guy Piano Sheet Music - John Lennon
Pochette - Jealous Guy - John Lennon

Piano Sheet Music Jealous Guy, John Lennon

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Leadsheet Jealous Guy

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Artist John Lennon
Lyricist(s) John Lennon
Composer(s) John Lennon
Pages 7
Reviews (5) 5

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5 reviews

Os 13-10-2022

Excelent service

guitardixie 14-03-2020

Thanks for transcribing this, it is much closer to the original than the official published sheet music of the song. Measures 17, 33, 49 and 65 (at the G/F chord) should have a natural F in the bass.

Joe 10-09-2017

Very good transcription showing the trickery that Nicky Hopins actually played. This version follows the Youtube "making of jealous guy" video the closest. The isolated tracks out there are a little different for whatever reason. This transcription shows all the tasty little fills Nicky played. Best version I've seen yet

Nickyfan 09-11-2016

The best transcription of the notes that Nicky Hopkins really played thank you !

Trevor (from UK ) 24-02-2014

Great service . Thanks.