Lavender's blue (Dilly, Dilly) - Cendrillon [2015] - Piano/Vocal/Chords

Lavender's blue (Dilly, Dilly) Lavender's blue (Dilly, Dilly)Paroles deLarry MoreyMusique deEliot Daniel© Walt Disney Music CompanyD¨/FE¨‹q = 122G¨/B¨B¨‹A¨/C5LaChanvandete--verl'oiveineseau,D¨/F--dildilly,ly,
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Pochette - Lavender's blue (Dilly, Dilly) - Cendrillon [2015]

Piano Sheet Music Lavender's blue (Dilly, Dilly), Cendrillon [2015]

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Lyricist(s) Larry Morey
Composer(s) Eliot Daniel
Piano / Vocal / Chords
Pages 4

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