Prélude N°3 en Ré Mineur - Haley Myles (Partition piano)

Partition piano Prélude N°3 en Ré Mineur - Haley Myles
Pochette - Prélude N°3 en Ré Mineur - Haley Myles

Prélude No.3 in D Minor, "La Marche Macabre" (The Macabre March) is a Tribute to the Ukrainian people. This piece was written after watching terrible pictures from Boutcha massacre and so many others cities. All these bodies lying in the street and all these people walking by. The absurdity of war and cruelty are back again. How sad. What a shame. Prelude No.3 in D Minor, La Marche Macabre (The Macabre March) composed by Sebastien MONNERET and performed by the pianist Haley MYLES, Young Steinway Artist.

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Interprète Haley Myles
Musique Sébastien MONNERET
Piano solo
Nombre de pages 4

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